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April 27th, 2004

07:52 pm
OK as discussed I am now going to translate what I wrote in previous entries

HD + me = together


I could say oh so many things but I just can't find a place to start so I won't.
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April 24th, 2004

10:24 pm - and now I'm in a whole other world....
and these akward steps I seem to be dealing with quite well.

I really have no idea what to say but I'm grinning ear to ear:) Spent he day with HD (well after one pm when I finished work) until now. I would have hanged longer but I'm sooo tired from actually having to wake up at seven thirty:P Oh god I really don't know where to start, maybe I can do a timeline or something..

730 - preparing for shower, sms's start a coming from HD about what to do etc
9-1 workies
1-who knows when which already throws the time thing out - hanged like in the middle of a shopping centre area outside on a bench talking, we were going to see a movie but I was tired and I said that would be bad because then there would be no interaction actually between us.
5pm abouts - confessions:P he likes me I like him, you know how it goes..
@ some time - time for me to meet his parents as he met mine earlier, and DVD watching.

but yeah we are so together it's not funny:P but at the same time me with someone is really funny:P

This is all quite bizarre...
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10:03 pm - from last night....
and the phone rings....Collapse )

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April 22nd, 2004

10:59 pm
OK rocket science have cancelled.

now what...

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10:43 pm
OK HD take two,

I will be going to see rocketscience this sat night and HD said he'll come along....

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January 25th, 2004

09:33 pm
J-ded gig was excellent fun, I still love those boys:P So many funny things happened and that but once again tired. The one bad thing, HD did not turn up:( He so was going to I swear, anyways I'm not gonna talk about that until I see him and find out why.
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Current Music: John Mayer - all his stuff

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January 22nd, 2004

So know how I posted yesterday that although I had no real way of knowing, HD was going to come in tonight and I would go with the plan and it'll work?


He really did come in and I really did well kinda ask him to J-DED (I'll explain in a sec) and he really is going! Basically he was talking about going out tonight but no one else wanted to coz they had work tomorrow and he's like but I've got the day off so I just want to do something but whatever like thing so I said ' well seeming as though you'll be all well rested and stuff you should then go out that night and see J-DED' and I said like where it was and that I'll be there and stuffs and he's like straight away yeah OK sounds cool:P At one point though he did say he's probably not gonna be able to convince his friends to come and I explained that I promise I'll be there and I'll talk to him all night;) so in a way I hope his friends don't come:P We talked about so much that I can't remember much right now but at one stage he mentioned he swapped his BDO ticket for a car?!?! (I have no idea how that works but go with it:P)

So everything so far is going amazingly good in that whole area and I'm petrified about tomorrow night:P
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Current Music: OMAHA - Counting Crows

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January 21st, 2004

09:09 pm - still tired...........
When at work today Jenny showed me one of the late layby slips and said to me 'do you want to call him coz he's one of your friends isn't he?' I knew who the guy was from memory although I do not know him, it was a one off customer kind of thing, not a regular. I said to her, no I don't know who you actually mean and that I don't actually know anyone with that name besides a cousin I haven't seen for a year or two. She said you know one of the young ones about so high etc. She was so talking about HD but I couldn't just say of yeah that one I'm obsessed with, the beautiful one or god I wish he was my friend:P so I stuck with I don't know who you mean but I don't know this guy so it can't be him:P

so that's my story for today, I'm getting patheticer by the second:P

and HD didn't come in but that's OK coz although I actually have no way of knowing he will come in tomorrow night:P
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Current Music: our lady peace - clumsy

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January 20th, 2004

08:39 pm
no HD to speak of.
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Current Music: Apocalypse please - muse

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January 18th, 2004

03:23 pm - PURPLE!
on to the sad news - HD hasn't come in all week! Should I take it as a sign? I THINK NOT!:p

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